Fixing Chapters

I’m working a double at the restaurant today, so I didn’t have a whole lot of hope about getting stuff done. But I did manage to add in a scene that I wasn’t planning to reveal until one of the sequels. However, I thought knowing this about Darcy would help people understand where she’s coming from.

Darcy is a supporting character in WHEN I WAKE. She’s the first person Raya meets in Pirondea, back when Raya still thinks everything is a dream from her sleeping disorder. She’s snarky, determined, and pushes Raya to the max. She’s honestly one of my favorite characters. She has a lot of history, but doesn’t talk about it much, because she’s not really a “sharing” type of person. Here’s a sneak peek at her life from what I wrote about her today:

Screen Shot 2017-03-10 at 3.17.43 PM

Keep in mind: first draft of this scene. Raya’s father died as a result of the ongoing war in Pirondea back when she was a toddler, although Raya grew up believing her father died in a car accident. Now that she knows the truth, she’s working to learn more about her powers and the world her father died trying to save.

Next on my novel to-do list: fix my query letter. I hate it so much, I might just start from scratch. Maybe I’ll do that if it’s slow at work tonight 🙂


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