Back to the Beginning

Serving/bartending has taken over my life for the past few days. Covered in fry grease and beer foam, I’m writing after an 11-hour shift. But this post makes me happy.

So the other day, I got really, really bored and started going through old stuff on my phone. Now, I put grocery lists in the Notes on my phone constantly, so I decided to go and delete all the ones from the past few months (by the way, I buy some random stuff…) and you’ll never believe what I found:


This, my friends, is my “idea” document from when I was trying to flesh out what my book was going to be about, which all culminated to be WHEN I WAKE. It was kind of cool to see how the thought process went and where it ended up in the document, then what ended up in the actual book. A LOT has changed from the first draft.

I actually started plotting out and researching for that “each of the seven wonders” idea until I dropped it because WHEN I WAKE was starting to come through. That last note was when I stopped making notes because I started really plotting the book for real. I started the first draft around February of 2016 after fleshing out the plot for most of January.

I’d also like to point out my epic nerd factor because this was apparently written (or last updated? Not sure how the time stamp works on Notes) on New Years Eve of 2015. That’s why I always keep idea documents on my phone because I always have that on me no matter what, even if I’m in Spain with my fiancé’s family, as I was on NYE of 2015.

Anyway, I thought that was pretty cool. I’m never getting rid of it. 🙂 What are some of the ways you all keep track of things while out and about? Did you keep them all?


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