Starting Out

Since I’m horrible at beginnings (aren’t we all?) I’m just going to start out with what I did today.

Today I entered into the Adventures in YA Publishing Red Light/Green Light contest! The contest asks for your three-paragraph pitch and the first 250 words of your manuscript. I entered this for the first time back in November, and I actually made it to the final round! This time, I’m going for the gold. I’ve rewritten my first page only about a million times since November, so here’s hoping. *raises glass*

I haven’t sent out my first *actual* query yet. Both because I don’t feel like my query letter is particularly stellar yet and because I’m completely and utterly terrified. That’s why I like contests like this. I like getting my foot in the door somehow, and I always meet some really cool people in the process!

Can we talk about how awesome these contests are? These people get literally nothing out of hosting them, and yet they do it for us anyway. The publishing world is a strange and wonderful place, my friends. If you haven’t yet, start connecting with writers on Twitter.

Currently getting ready for #PitMad on March 23rd! Who is gonna be pitching with me on Twitter?